My husband and I are interested in getting an estimate for some work to be done in our back basement stairwell (outside). We have an issue with water coming over the steps at high volume, and through the retaining wall which has been slowly failing for a while now. It is not collapsing (yet) but has several large holes in it that water rushes through during storms. We would like the wall repaired and are interested in suggestions otherwise, such as caulking the cement around the house foundation.

I imagine you all are limiting what you are doing right now, like everyone. We are actually hoping to find someone who would be able to handle this project with zero contact. The work is entirely outside, so that part is easy, but things such as electronic payment and signatures, or at least being willing to leave physical papers for a signature. I think the initial quote and discussion might be a challenge as well but I am happy to do anything that would make it easier for you, such as a video recording of me walking through the details, video chat during the walk-through, or whatever you may need so that it is not an additional burden on you. Please let me know if this is something that will work for you!