What Causes Cracks in Brick Walls?

Foundation Repair

Discovering a crack in the beautiful brick veneer of your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in need of foundation repair. Though brick is a highly durable building material that can last for a 100 years or more, poor construction practices can all too easily lead to defects – including cracking. Other causes of crack formation in an exterior brick wall can include:

  • Climate and seasonal changes – Changes in temperature, humidity level, and precipitation can cause the soil surrounding your home to expand and contract. This, in turn, can lead to exterior wall cracking.
  • Home settling – Minor settling is normal with any home and doesn’t in and of itself indicate the need for foundation repair. However, settling can and does cause brick walls to crack.
  • Water damage – Leaking pipes, clogged cutters, and flooding can all wreak havoc on a brick wall.
  • Tress in close proximity – Certain types of trees have expansive root structures that can contribute to the problem of brick wall cracking and necessitate foundation repair in severe cases. One or more large trees in close proximity to your house can remove significant amounts of moisture from the surrounding soil and cause wall cracking this way as well.

How do you know when a brick wall crack is indicative of a serious problem that potentially requires the attention of a foundation repair contractor? Some “red flags” to look for include changes in the width, length, and/or direction of a crack, cracking where the ceiling meets a wall, sloping floors, leaning chimney, and windows and doors that don’t properly open or close.

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