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5 Great Uses for a Dry Basement Room

5 Great Uses for a Dry Basement Room Homeowners can expand their living space and find great personal comfort just by looking to the basement. A snug dry basement space is the perfect location for a family to spread out. … Continue reading

Buying a house? 3 vital tips for detecting water problems

Buying a house? 3 vital tips for detecting water problems, and resolving them. This weekend, thousands of potential buyers all across the country will take to the streets in search of Open Houses and For Sale signs. The search is … Continue reading

My Realtor Said a Wet Basement Made Our House Unsellable!

Basement water issues, flooding threaten couple’s plan to sell. I still have some photos of our cute 2-bedroom walkup. We had lived there for 15 years, but times had changed. It was time to move on, and we had found … Continue reading

“Sense-a-tional” ways homeowners inspect their homes for water damage

Touch, sight, and smell are key tools in determining if a water problem threatens your home. It’s not unusual for a homeowner to call their local BDry™ waterproofing office to say that they suspect a water problem in their basement … Continue reading

Six Things Cracks in Your Basement Walls & Floor Are Telling You

A crack in your basement walls or floors is never a good sign. Obviously, it’s always a signal of damage to your lower level, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a trigger for expensive and obtrusive repairs. That’s why … Continue reading