Beware of Storm Chasers

Heavy rains are like magnets to opportunistic contractors.  The roofing industry has labeled them “Storm Chasers,” but these opportunists exist in any industry where severe weather or catastrophe conditions can equate to an easy payday.

In some cases, such as when power lines go down in hurricanes, having electrical contractors come to support the local ones who are overwhelmed is a good thing.

In basement and crawlspace waterproofing, where systems need to be maintained and serviced, this is not in the best interest of homeowners.  Most waterproofing systems use a sump pump.  These pumps are mechanical devices that need to be serviced.  A waterproofing storm chaser is not going to invest in putting up a service technician in a hotel to service your pump.

In the event that a system leaks, or requires additional work from the original installation, again, a storm chaser is not going to want to send a crew 2, 3, 5 or more hours away for a small repair.  With a storm chaser, having a warranty gives the customer minimal or no protection.

How to Identify a Storm Chaser

Ask these three simple questions and you’ll know how to protect yourself and your investment:

 How long has the contractor been in your area?

  1. Where is their office is located? (Then check to see if it’s a UPS Store, a Regus Office, or other temporary location. A Google search of the address will do it.)
  2. How long have they been installing basement waterproofing systems? (this will identify local contractors who typically do a different service but jump from opportunity to opportunity. These are not experts and won’t want to service your system if problems arise).

Don’t risk your money with a storm chasing company that only comes to your community when people are at their most vulnerable!  Working with a local company is your best way to protect your investment and ensure a lifetime solution to your problem.