What is the Best Waterproofing Solution for Your Situation?

Best Waterproofing Solution

Are you looking for the best waterproofing solution to solve your groundwater intrusion woes? Well, the fact of the matter is there is no universal “best waterproofing solution.” Since every basement and crawlspace is unique, so is the groundwater intrusion problem. Unfortunately, there are many waterproofing companies that provide a one-size-fits-all solution, but not BDry. This is just one of the many reasons why homeowners throughout the U.S. turn to BDry – we understand that each homeowner requires a personalized solution to their groundwater intrusion issue, so that’s exactly what we provide.

The BDry Basement Waterproofing System was first patented in 1966 and, since this time, we have continued to improve upon the original patent and today, countless homeowners rely on it to help keep groundwater out of their basements or crawlspaces. It’s constructed from premium-quality materials and tailored to fit each situation. When a homeowner first contacts us regarding an issue, we will send out a knowledgeable BDry representative who will:

  • Perform a thorough investigation of the basement or crawlspace
  • Work to identify the source of the groundwater intrusion
  • Provide an estimate for our waterproofing services

Moreover, we have financing options available to homeowners who qualify, helping to make waterproofing your basement more affordable. *

For more information on the crawlspace and basement waterproofing solutions we provide, contact BDry today. We would be happy to put you in touch with your local BDry location so you can schedule your on-site inspection.

*For specific information regarding warranties and financing options, contact your local BDry dealer.