Comprehensive Basement Waterproofing Service from the Experts at BDry

Basement Waterproofing Service

Here at BDry, we offer professional basement waterproofing services to homeowners throughout the nation. If you believe your home has a groundwater intrusion problem, allow the seasoned professionals at BDry to help you sort it out. Since our founding in 1958, we’ve helped countless homeowners protect their basements against multiple forms of groundwater intrusion. Whether groundwater is leaking into your basement from under your foundation’s footing or through the walls, you can rest assured that we will try our best to locate the source and provide you with a solution that works.

First patented in 1966, the BDry Basement Waterproofing System has become one of the most effective systems on the market today. Throughout the years, we have continued to expand upon the original design of the system, continuously making it better and more effective at keep groundwater where it should be – out of basements and crawlspaces. Utilizing high-quality materials that meet the latest ICC specifications, the BDry Basement Waterproofing System protects against the most common ways groundwater can enter a basement, including through cracks in the walls and floor.

Furthermore, we understand that even well-designed systems can’t operate as they should unless they’re expertly installed, so you can rest assured that all of our installers are certified BDry employees.

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