What to Look for in Basement Waterproofing Companies

Basement Waterproofing

Finding water in your basement is never fun. Even if it’s just occasionally – like after a storm – discovering water in your home’s basement should be a cause for concern. Over time, water can not only wreak havoc on the foundation but also give rise to whole host of other problems. Fortunately, many basement waterproofing companies have developed effective ways to keep that water out. Which is why you are well advised to pick up the phone and call one or more basement waterproofing companies soon after you discover that you have a basement water problem.

Ideally, the waterproofing company you hire should be:

  • Experienced – Though there is, in truth, no magic number, look for a company that has been around for many years. Waterproofing companies that have been in business for a decade or more have been in business for that long for a reason.
  • Innovative – Why hire a company that will only provide you a “quick fix” when you can hire one that will install a full-fledged basement waterproofing solution that is continuously being perfected? A company that always strives to improve the effectiveness of its services is one you want to partner with.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction – The best basement waterproofers are the ones that put customer service first. When first speaking with a basement waterproofing company, ask whether it backs its services with a warranty, and whether it can provide you reviews and/or recommendations from past customers as a way of illuminating just how committed to customer happiness it is.

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