Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in your foundation walls are not only unsightly but can leak when it rains or be signs of larger issues with your home’s structural integrity. It takes experience and training to properly assess a crack and propose the right solution, as well as provide the proper repairs that will last.

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Four Things Foundation Wall Cracks Are Telling You

Foundation wall cracks can be a simple sign of concrete shrinkage that may or may not leak when it rains. A wall crack can also be a sign of larger structural issue, such as bowing or buckling of walls from outside pressure.

Telling the difference between serious and not so serious basement cracks is where BDry can help.

Here’s what your basement cracks might be telling you:

  • 1. Cracks on the interior walls are often the first indication of foundation damage. Sometimes these signs may go unnoticed because changes occur slowly.
  • 2. Horizontal cracks are usually caused by water- and frost-related pressure against the foundation wall.
  • 3. Vertical cracks in poured concrete walls are less damaging but may indicate a settling foundation.
  • 4. Stair step cracks in block foundation walls are a common occurrence but may be a sign of a more serious problem.

Some of these problems require simple fixes. Others can be a more serious problem; such as buckling or bowing walls that require reinforcement.

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Foundation Settling

Cracks in basement walls are commonly caused by settling of the foundation. The most common symptoms are; cracks in the foundation wall, sloped floors, windows or doors not opening and closing properly or gaps between the wall and floor.

It’s important to know that while there are many symptoms of a settling foundation, the existence of even one of these indicators is reason enough to call an expert who can perform a free consultation and design a solution for your specific problem.

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