How a Basement Sump Pump System Works

Basement Sump Pump SystemMany a basement in America has a sump pump system. What is it? Simply put, it is a device that removes water. A sump pump can be a great thing to have as it will quickly remove any water that has gotten into your basement from outside. There are many different types of sump pumps out there but all are designed to accomplish the same thing, and that’s pump water out of a basement before it has time to do any serious damage. A sump pump can be installed either in a home still under construction or in an existing home as part of a basement waterproofing effort.

Here is a brief overview of how a sump pump works:

  • What people typically call a “sump pump” actually has two main parts. The first part is a sump, or basin, about two feet deep that water drains into. The sump sits inside a hole dug into the basement floor. The second part is the sump pump itself, which utilizes a low-horsepower motor.
  • When it rains and water gets into the basement, the water is channeled in the direction of the sump and held there.
  • After enough water has accumulated inside the sump, most sump pumps turn on automatically with the help of pressure sensor or a float activator arm (similar to a toilet tank float).
  • When the motor switches on, a fanlike device called an impeller forces the water to the side of the sump through a principle called centrifugal force. As this happens, the water attempts to fill the void near the impeller, forcing it up into a one-way drain pipe and away from the home.

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