The Benefits of Installing a Basement Drainage System

Basement Drainage System

What is a basement drainage system, and why would you need to have one installed? Basement drainage systems address a serious problem that affects thousands of homeowners every year. Being underground, basements have to contend with a natural phenomenon called hydrostatic pressure. During periods of wet weather, the soil surrounding the home becomes saturated with water. This water can exert so much pressure (60 lbs. per square foot) on the home that even a tiny crack or gap in the foundation can be enough to permit groundwater to seep inside.

A very common solution to this problem is to install a basement drainage system, which falls into the wider category of basement waterproofing. Essentially, a basement drainage system is a channel that has been carefully excavated by a qualified basement waterproofing contractor around the inside perimeter of the basement. Called an interior drainage system, this channel intercepts any water that has been permitted to leak inside. The water then flows to a collection point under the force of gravity and then, in some cases, pumped out and away from the home with the aid of a device called a sump pump. All interior basement drainage systems work in a manner similar to the foregoing principles. Some basement waterproofing contractors take it a step further by fastening a slick membrane to the foundation wall. This membrane helps to direct water into the drainage channel and hasten its removal from the basement overall.

For more information on this topic, contact BDry. BDry was founded in 1958 and has spent decades as one of America’s leading basement waterproofing contractors. The drainage system that we use – called the BDry Basement Waterproofing System – is highly effective at keeping basements dry. We will be pleased to conduct a complimentary inspection and discuss your options with you if groundwater has been getting into your basement and causing problems.

*For specific information regarding financing options and warranties, check with your local BDry dealer.