When Does a Crack in Your Basement Walls Warrant a Repair Service?

Basement Crack Repair

A crack in your basement walls may not need a foundation repair service if it is very small, but certain cracks will require that you call a foundation repair expert to examine your basement. If you have a crack in your basement floor or walls, you may be able to tell whether you need to call foundation specialists depending on direction the crack is running. In general, cracks in your walls can be categorize in three main categories:

  • Vertical cracks – These types of are usually not too serious and typically occur when concrete shrinks or is under tension. However, while these cracks don’t usually compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation, water can easily leak into your basement and cause damage. It would be beneficial to call in a foundation repair expert to help fix these cracks.
  • Horizontal cracks – These cracks can indicate that your foundation walls are bowing, which means an outside force is applying pressure to your foundation and weakening it. Horizontal cracks should be looked at immediately by a foundation repair professional, especially if these cracks are of a significant size.
  • Stair step cracks – Cracks like this follow the mortar joints in a block wall and thus have aspects of horizontal and vertical cracks. These are often indicative of minor footing movement and shouldn’t cause alarm, but, of course, if you are unsure, you should contact a foundation repair expert.

Another helpful tip when evaluating cracks in your foundation is that, regardless of what direction the crack is running, if you can fit the edge of a coin into the crack, it needs to be seen by foundation repair professionals. Luckily, if you need approved basement crack repair services, you can rely on BDry. We are a trusted basement waterproofing company that has been helping homeowners across the United States keep their basements dry since 1958.

To schedule a free consultation where we can examine any basement cracks, or other issues, contact BDry today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will be happy to answer your questions.