BDry® Customer Reviews

Over 50 years of experience creating happy customers.

These are real reviews from real BDry® customers, really. All of these comments are from our “after the job” survey where we ask our customers to let us know how we did. We highly value our customers and their feedback, and we hope you do too. Please enjoy reading the real, un-edited feedback below from recent customers.

from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 5/26/2017
Excellent job , dust kept to a minimum. explained what they were doing,plastic was put everywhere they were going to walk. This was B Dry not sub contractors. Most of all the price was very competitive.
from North Carolina on 5/25/2017
The people I met were great. They were very respectful and extremely careful with my property. After days of rain and what I would have thought was a flooded basement for sure, it's bone dry. I am amazed at how successful it has been.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 5/25/2017
I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am with the; consultation, service, installation, follow-up, professionalism.. This has truly been an excellent experience from start to finish. B-Dry is top of the list for Waterproofing Companies out there in our region. Thank You for a job WELL done.
from Atlanta on 5/24/2017
Very affordable, great staff
from Knoxville on 5/24/2017
I was very impressed by Nate and Holly!
from Atlanta on 5/24/2017
Very Professional and prompt. Provided details to the work that was done and completed basement repair in quicker time than originally stated.
from Richmond on 5/23/2017
very professional and prompt service
from BDry Waterproofing on 5/18/2017
The price is reasonable. Also, they made sure the floor was strong and balanced.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 5/17/2017
You were able to install a backup battery system for my new sump pump when no one else would even return my calls.
from Knoxville on 5/16/2017
We were impressed with the work crew. They worked diligently and left everything clean.
from Atlanta on 5/16/2017
Called immediately, took care of the situation, did exactly what they said they would do. Charlene Lee
from Philadelphia on 5/11/2017
Courteous and respectful workers.
from Knoxville on 5/10/2017
The best service I have had ever. Top from start to finish. Great job Neil Rudder, Jerad Walker and Joe!!!!;
from Atlanta on 5/10/2017
Tony was very professional, straight forward and not overselling. It was great to work with him and a project manager that worked on a site. They gave me a piece of mind for making sure that property is waterproofed and ready for sale.
from North Carolina on 5/10/2017
The inspector that came out to do the assessment was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. He also made himself available any time I called afterwards to answer any follow up questions or concerns. The crew that came out and did the work did a great job. They kept me informed of all the things they were doing as they worked and were very nice and friendly. I would highly recommend BDry to any one looking for work on their home.
from BDry Waterproofing on 5/10/2017
Very good job
from Baltimore on 5/10/2017
The foreman was very hardworking and was a pleasure working Cory (foreman)
from Knoxville on 5/9/2017
Very prompts and courteous! Great service at a great price. With a lifetime warranty!
from Atlanta on 5/9/2017
These men are go get getter types. I was informed through out the repairs. Very nice bunch to work with. Have used twice with no regrets.
from North Carolina on 5/3/2017
My first experience with BDry was with Jim Pass several years ago. Mr. Pass and his crew help solved a major water problem in my basement and crawl space. All the work was done to the highest standard and with total professionalism. Mr. Pass was totally dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. A few years later an additional problem developed in the basement and Holland (not sure of last name) was the man sent to solve the problem. Holland is a very competent and capable worker with great analytical skills and total dedication to customer service. He single handedly did a great job and fixed the problem. My recent experience and hopefully my last basement water problem was with Bobby Wright and his team (three other team members). This team was like a well-rehearsed dance. Each team member knew the whole process and knew when and where they were to jump in to make the process run smoothly and efficiently. Mr. Wright was the youngest member and the project manager. I was very impressed with his leadership skills, his knowledge of the process, and his ability to lead and work with the other team members. Mr. Wright showed great respect for the other team members and in return they showed him great loyalty and respect. My overall impression of BDry is that this company does great work, is very professional, and always puts the customer’s needs first. I appreciate all the service that I have received and hope that this company remains in business for a long, long time. Dr. Roger Cannon Raleigh, NC
from Knoxville on 5/2/2017
Did job that was supposed to be done exactly as described. Did not leave a mess what so ever. Other than the repairs made would not know any work had been done. More than fair price for what amount of work was being done. Employees were very knowledgable in their jobs.
from Richmond on 5/2/2017
All employees were very knowledgeable and courteous
from Baltimore on 5/2/2017
everything was taken care of professionally. from the estimate to the finished work
from Knoxville on 5/2/2017
Very efficient.
from Baltimore on 5/2/2017
Your layout of the project was excellent.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 5/2/2017
Fast service to arrive at the project figure out the water problem and repair and a fast reasonable time schedule. your estimator Richard Voight is A 1. Like the steak sauce
from Knoxville on 5/1/2017
They did everything they said they would do and in a timely manner.
from Atlanta on 5/1/2017
From top to bottom the people I was in contact with were pleasant. The workers who did the job were first class.
from Richmond on 4/30/2017
The crew who dug the drainage line on my property were very professional, dedicated to the work, industrious and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss the work with them and have all of my questions answered.
from Baltimore on 4/29/2017
The company explained how each product is to be used in performing the best job in protecting my home from water damage as well as my basement and they also allow me to ask questions concerning each product that was used for the job;The Flex seal that was used for the concrete wall was to protect the water from coming down wall and onto floor ;I personal find that getting this product added to the job will work very well in connection with the Sub Pump which was also installed. The service was above Excellent and their employees that provided the service were also very charming and friendly ;note : the contractors who did my work were on time ;Thank you for a job well done ;Mike and Joel Thank you Maria Parsons
from Knoxville on 4/28/2017
we enjoyed talking with all of the people and enjoyed to time and activity I will recommend to all
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 4/26/2017
Appointment was kept on time and the site cleaned up after the work was done.
from Knoxville on 4/26/2017
I don't know! It is under the house and I can't see what they did. I liked that they were here when they said they would be and they finished when they said they would. The young men were very personable and pleassnt¡
from Central Jersey on 4/26/2017
The prompt services, and it works.
from BDry Waterproofing on 4/25/2017
Did a first class job
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 4/18/2017
good workers, kept jobsite clean, kept schedule
from North Carolina on 4/18/2017
Great work from conscientious workers.
from BDry Waterproofing on 4/14/2017
from BDry Waterproofing on 4/12/2017
Good product and it performs as advertised. Reasonably priced when compared to other companies or options.
from Richmond on 4/12/2017
The worker's that came out were friendly courteous and explained everything about the process of the work needed to be done Thank You
from Knoxville on 4/5/2017
I felt that the contractor was very upfront with me and they fixed the problem in a timely manner. When I needed a copy of the warranty as soon as possible they sent it to me without hesitation.
from Baltimore on 4/5/2017
Staff were friendly and efficient and worked hard to fit their services in to our needs. Products were not oversold.
from Knoxville on 4/4/2017
The servicemen were prompt and courteous, and they were very professional in solving the problems with our crawl space.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 4/4/2017
We have seen B-Dry's work first hand on three separate occasions, at a friend's house in Arlington, VA, our daughter's house in Falls Church, VA and now at our house. In fixing water leaks, results are what counts, but, B-Dry not only achieves excellent results, they fix the problem at lower cost. B-Dry's crews are very professional, courteous and efficient. They arrived on time, went right to work after explaining exactly what they were going to do. They are well trained specialists who understand how to rectify water leak problems and based upon our own recent problem, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend B-Dry to anyone with confidence that satisfaction would be guaranteed.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 4/4/2017