BDry® Customer Reviews

Over 50 years of experience creating happy customers.

These are real reviews from real BDry® customers, really. All of these comments are from our “after the job” survey where we ask our customers to let us know how we did. We highly value our customers and their feedback, and we hope you do too. Please enjoy reading the real, un-edited feedback below from recent customers.

from Baltimore on 8/11/2018
I appreciated being kept up to speed on the scheduling and the men who performed the work were timely, professional, and super helpful in helping me to understand the technical details.
from Knoxville on 8/8/2018
The crew was wonderful and did a great job!
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 8/8/2018
Excellent products and great service
from Atlanta on 8/7/2018
From the beginning of the process we were kept informed about every aspect of the product and service. Micheal Tucker was professional and very knowledgeable about our issues and B-Dry’s ability to help us fix these issues. The work he discussed with us is exactly what was done and the crew was on time every day. The best thing is we could see and feel the difference in our air quality after just 24 hours and it keeps getting better.
from Atlanta on 8/7/2018
From my first contact with Mike Tucker to my last contact with Holly Lawson, my situation was handled in a professional, competent, and friendly manner. I would not hesitate to recommend this exceptional team. -June Holloway
from North Carolina on 8/1/2018
Great service and the crew was very professional and friendly. This company knows what they are doing ! Tom the consultant took the time to answer all my questions and lookout for my peace of mind of what to do. Kenny and his helper are awesome!! When they finished I look underneath my house and I saw the workmanship. It was just clean and neat and all I can say if you own a home and need help this is the company to call BDry. Thank you for helping me. Mary C.
from BDry Waterproofing on 8/1/2018
The people were very professional and friendly. The service was done in a timely manner and was very clean after they finished.
from Central Jersey on 8/1/2018
First class work and workers
from North Carolina on 8/1/2018
The men were polite and cleaned up before they left. I was disappointed that the person that gave the estimate never mentioned the white plastic on the wall. I would like to have discussed it with my husband before they started but they were there and ready to begin. On the second day they came without water to mix the cement. I hauled water from my neighbors house. They knew that the plumber had removed the water tank the day before they started and could not put it back until the cement was dry. They said they had not had this situation before. Surely i am not the only person with a water tank in their basement. I think the company should have a plan for each situation. The workers worked hard and tried to keep the dust and noise down.
from Atlanta on 7/31/2018
I liked the courtesy of our project manager and his team. We were kept well informed during the progress of our project. Our repair went better than expected.
from Richmond on 7/31/2018
Good work, great crew!
from Knoxville on 7/31/2018
They were friendly and on time. Cleaned up well when they were finished also.
from Baltimore on 7/30/2018
Outstanding services were exhibited in performing waterproofing services as well as consultation!
from Knoxville on 7/25/2018
Work began on schedule and was completed in a day and a half with no problems. Impressively, they cleaned up the work area as they worked, resulting in minimal cleanup required after the job was done. Very nice!
from Richmond on 7/25/2018
Installation went smoothly despite a few issues that came up. Installers were willing to fix any problems quickly. Good price for all of the work that was done. Hope to have a dry basement going forward.
from BDry Waterproofing on 7/25/2018
Only thing I have to say is I wish I had done this earlier.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 7/25/2018
Your product works.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 7/25/2018
They are so professional and punctual. Because they are so busy, scheduling was difficult.
from Knoxville on 7/25/2018
I like all the employees they were very friendly and worked hard. Because we had a sewer leak they had to make three trips to get our installed. So I didn’t have to reschedule. We are very satisfied with the product and service. Thank you, Dewey and Vanda Frye
from Atlanta on 7/24/2018
Well, I first said a 9 and that is what is being displayed, however I wanted to change it to a 8. Your 'change my score' button isn't working and closing the browser and opening it back up it keeps my first selection. The crew was friendly and helpful but there were certain areas that made me change my 9 to an 8. They unplugged part of my AC unit and never plugged it back in, so I was without AC for a night. The two forms I was asked to sign explained what was to happen and the foreman at times didn't have know the reason. He was just given the paper work. So I think he needs to be better prepare as to what is on this form. I am sure you have a copy of this form for your records but I don't have a copy. There should be a N/A by each line if it doesn't pertain to the job you are on. Since I signed it I should be given a copy and I wasn't.
from Richmond on 7/24/2018
Very knowledgeable staff & very considerate.
from Atlanta on 7/24/2018
White glove service!
from Baltimore on 7/24/2018
13 inches of rain in Catonsville 0 in my basement. Outstanding Tim J.
from Baltimore on 7/24/2018
The employee who you sent to fix my basement was awesome. He was very nice and refused my help. The second day he came by himself and work very hard to get the job done. The two walls that got done are perfect and I no longer have any water issues in my basement..
from Baltimore on 7/20/2018
You do a good job of explaining plans and how everything works. The installers were very approachable and hard workers. They took pride in there jobs.
from BDry Waterproofing on 7/18/2018
Most professional, reliable, dependable and knowledgeable staff/crew in the industry!!!!!
from Richmond on 7/18/2018
Service as usual top notch and personnel that are friendly and professional
from North Carolina on 7/18/2018
You were awesome, my only regret I which I had you done the complete job to begin with. Thank you
from Richmond on 7/17/2018
from Richmond on 7/12/2018
The work crew was very polite and very professional. Everything was left neat and clean . Of course the proof of the pudding is if it works properly during a big rain storm. Thanks for the good warrenty that comes with the job. Kenneth W. Cullers
from Baltimore on 7/11/2018
Honestly don't know if the fix worked. There has been no rain so no water in the drain. The technician was very polite, neat and got the work done in just a matter of hours.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 7/11/2018
I was impressed from my very first phone call ! Extremely professional. Very knowledgable . Rapid response to my phone calls. Efficient emails. The gentleman who did my estimate was on time to the second,knew exactly what he was doing, I trusted him immediately ! Again,fantastic emails that kept me informed.Everyone who answers the phone is nice and welcoming ! Then the day of my service I meet Matthew and Jose. They were on time,friendly,polite,nice to my dogs,introduced themselves,shook my hand,was extremely respectful of my home,covered my hardwood floors so they would not get damaged,helped me move the heavy washer and dryer that I could not,never complained about the 105 degree heat,always smiled,never stopped working,they worked like trojans !, They returned the next day exactly on time,smiling ! Again,never complained about the extreme heat,never stopped working,they had promised they would finish the job the second day and they did not stop until it was done ! Matthew and Jose are exemplary employees ! After the job was finished they cleaned everything up ! Amazing ! And the next day,Darlene helped me by sending Floyd to re hook the washer and dryer.Floyd was so nice. He introduced himself,shook my hand,so nice and polite. I was extremely impressed with everyone i met or talked to from B-Dry. I will recommend your company to all my friends and clients ! Bravo ! Bravo !
from Richmond on 7/10/2018
Mainly the products are to keep water from under my house. As for the service it was done in a very timely and professional manner.
from Knoxville on 7/10/2018
Great experience. Developed a plan of action and thoroughly explained the process. Lined up contractors to perform needed support work.
from Baltimore on 7/10/2018
All staff that we met or spoke to were very polite, knowledgeable and professional.
from Knoxville on 7/10/2018
You all did a great job at communication and with the foundation work done to our house. We will definitely call you in the future with any other needs and will tell others about your company.
from Central Jersey on 7/4/2018
Service Guarantee, timeliness, product /service explanations
from Richmond on 7/3/2018
The BDry Personnel were very interested in my problem and made every effort to do a good job and were on time and kept me informed as to what they were doing. They walked me through the work when they were finished. I just hopes it takes care of my problem. E. M. Petrochilli
from BDry Waterproofing on 6/28/2018
The guys at the shite was Curtis stayed busy al the time they here. I am very pleased with B- dry work'. Thanks Larry
from Richmond on 6/26/2018
The efficient and considerate crew which installed our gravity system did a good job.