BDry® Customer Reviews

Over 50 years of experience creating happy customers.

These are real reviews from real BDry® customers, really. All of these comments are from our “after the job” survey where we ask our customers to let us know how we did. We highly value our customers and their feedback, and we hope you do too. Please enjoy reading the real, un-edited feedback below from recent customers.

from Knoxville on 4/21/2018
Excellent customer service, professional and work was completed as scheduled and met our expectations.
from Knoxville on 4/19/2018
Every person I have talked to with B-Dry has been extremely nice and courteous. I don't really remember last names but Bill, Ryan, Holly, and Tony are the four I've talked with and/or met. There was another guy who helped install the inside floor vent, who was just as awesome. He even vacuumed my floor afterwards to clean up the saw dust mess! They are excellent at explaining things I have questions about and are willing to go the extra mile to make us happy. After our encapsulation install, our dehumidifier was making a weird noise that we didn't think sounded right so we called Bill to ask if someone could look at it. Ryan came out and agreed that it wasn't right so he hauled it away to get it fixed and will get us a new one in the mean time. He also sealed up the pipe on the exterior fan since it was leaking air and making a little more noise than we liked. We really appreciate him coming so late in the day to get that done! We are super happy with the work and the customer service B-Dry has given us! Will definitely recommend.
from Knoxville on 4/18/2018
When the system initially installed didn't quite keep my basement dry, it was no big deal to get them to come out and honor their warrantee on the work. Fingers crossed we've gotten the problem taken care of now!
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 4/18/2018
Excellent service, quick, efficient and great customer service!
from Atlanta on 4/18/2018
They were very professional and kept me updated on the times they were coming.I was very impressed, thank you very much,Randy McDaniel.
from Baltimore on 4/18/2018
I was impressed with the early arrival from the start. The team was professional and informed me of the process before starting and along the way. The team also cleaned up everything after they completed the job. Great job!
from Richmond on 4/12/2018
Your people did a fully acceptable job in encapsulating my crawl space and installing a stand alone dehumidifier. The price was right, your technicians were prompt and courteous and the crawl space will be mildew free in the future. Please thank Mr.Chris Ellett, your crew chief, on my behalf. The crew who installed the new door to the space left a 25' steel measuring tape at my house.We called your Ashland office to report it, but no one has yet picked it up, so I'll continue to hold it.
from North Carolina on 4/11/2018
The people
from Knoxville on 4/11/2018
Neil was fantastic he worked with us to make sure we got what we wanted and needed for our house in oak ridge . The crew that came to do the job was professional and knew their business they were helpful and ansewered all our questions . I give the whole business a 10 plus’s thank you Bdry.
from North Carolina on 4/11/2018
The professionalism of your staff and the products that were installed at my residence appear to be very reliable and long lasting.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 4/11/2018
The work is always done neatly with no mess left. The repairs have all worked the first time.
from Atlanta on 4/11/2018
Good work at a fair price.
from Birmingham on 4/5/2018
Professionally done
from Baltimore on 4/4/2018
The product is working well. The service was wonderful. They were very professional, quick and cleaned everything up. I will recommend your company.
from Knoxville on 4/4/2018
Knowledgeable, thoughtful and informative technicians. Chris is wonderful to work with and has many talents. Beautiful concrete work and detailed explanations for how and why things are done.
from Atlanta on 4/4/2018
The guys were respectful. Good all around.
from BDry Waterproofing on 4/3/2018
The scope of the job was very thorough and the results of the job was better than expected. The workers were very knowlegable and explained everything.
from Knoxville on 4/3/2018
Great company with fair prices!
from North Carolina on 3/28/2018
I contacted B Dry in 2015 and my family and I were ready to have the work done then but, due to the unexpected death of one of my sisters, we were not able to do anything at the time. I had contacted corporate originally and they sent a consultant, Mr. Bill Sivyer from Knoxville, TN. When he came and did the evaluation originally he was professional, informative and explained everything in detail which, I relayed to my family. In November of 2017, my a family and I decided to put the property on the real estate market, we had a great deal of interest but, grave concern with regard to the basement, two families ended up contacting a different company and this representative whom had been out to the home at my request 10 years ago... 1. Did not come and still potential buyers walked away. 2. A second family came and they too contacted this company and representative did come out... told potential buyers it was going to cost an enormous sum to repair and they would not guarantee the work. Speaking to my family,we decided to put property on inactive status. I called Bill and on his way home on a Saturday he came reviewed the situation and, spoke to my family ( brother in law) directly and work was scheduled completed and examined. The crew, David, Darrell, Ing worked tirelessly and did an Excellent job, Holland Edmonds— Operations Manager came out for final walk through on a Sunday. All I can say they all from Bill to each man provided extraordinary service and are a credit to the company! Yes, I have already spoken to people and recommended they give B Dry a call for a consult and highly recommend B Dry. I wish to thank is each and every individual that anything to do with the job at my home, a very big thank you!! Pamela Faircloth
from North Carolina on 3/28/2018
Prompt, professional, courteous. Clear explanations of all that's involved. Honesty and integrity apparent from start to finish. The work was as promised and was first-rate. It's obvious that everybody from the front office to the guys in the field care about their job, the quality of the work they do, and the company reputation. Thanks BDry, for a job well done!
from BDry Waterproofing on 3/27/2018
All was good
from Atlanta on 3/27/2018
BDry was punctual, knowledgeable, tidy and detailed in performing the work.
from Atlanta on 3/27/2018
They were able to resolve my problem as promised in the time frame promised.
from Knoxville on 3/27/2018
All company representatives were very professional, beginning with Bill Sivyer. He assessed the needs to waterproof my basement and was very thorough in presenting his findings and took time to answer any questions. My second encounter was with Gerad Walker and his installation team. These guys were extremely professional and displayed genuine concern that everything was done right. A couple of unexpected hiccups cropped up and the team readily addressed and made modifications to ensure proper system installation. I am very satisfied with the BDry team and would certainly recommend them to anyone needing waterproofing.
from Baltimore on 3/27/2018
The warranty
from BDry Waterproofing on 3/24/2018
Very professionally done. Hope it keeps my crawlspace dry.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 3/20/2018
Honest and efficient!!!
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 3/20/2018
My crew was incredibly polite, efficient, and professional.
from North Carolina on 3/20/2018
Any questions i had were answered. The price for services were affordable. David, Ing and Darryl where friendly, courteous and provided an excellent installation of a complete water maintenance system and stabilizing floor joints for me.
from Knoxville on 3/13/2018
Good men doing the work. On time. Good job
from Atlanta on 3/13/2018
Everyone was polite and very professional. I am very pleased.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 3/13/2018
I was pleased with the response I received when I called for information. An appointment was scheduled with a representative. Extremely knowledgeable gentleman. My problem was a leaky basement. Briefly, my problem was resolved with in days. The team of men were polite, worked quickly, protected my possessions and floors and cleaned up before they left. I would definitely recommend BDRY.........a five star company.
from Baltimore on 3/8/2018
Professional and courteous service.
from Baltimore on 3/7/2018
Andy the inspector as well as Maurice and his team are the reason for high score. Great work.
from Knoxville on 3/6/2018
Great scheduling, competitive prices, excellent warranty.
from Richmond on 3/6/2018
The folks at B-dry were professional from begin to end. Prices were fair and they left the area clean. I highly recommend B-dry.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 3/6/2018
Sam was very polite and honest when he came to do the estimate and didn’t try to up sell. The crew that did the work was also very professional and polite. Only issue was it seemed like there was a disconnect between the conversation I had with sam and the crew doing the work. Example I needed my physical window well replaced. They did not bring a window well with then to the job. I wanted a drain for my dehumidifier put into the tap from the window, it was not in the estimate paperwork anywhere and what was actually installed was not what was originally described to me but it will still work.
from Philadelphia on 3/6/2018
That's easy, dry crawl space for the first time since we have lived here, even through a Nor'easter!
from Richmond on 3/6/2018
Fred McGhee was very knowledgeable, responsive and gave good advise as how to best remediate our water intrusion. The crew that was assigned to do the work was on time, professional, neat and gave good advise / options when they discovered through removal of the drywall the location of the leak and alerted me that I could reduce the scope of work thus keeping us from doing unnecessary work and still address the issue. I very much appreciate the BDry team that I worked with and will call you again should I need those services at any of my other property's. Rick Jenkins Landmark Property Services
from North Carolina on 3/6/2018
I think every sales person should be an installer first.
from Richmond on 3/6/2018
everyone did a great job
from Knoxville on 3/6/2018
Customer service was excellent, both the on-job manager and sales representative James were very professional. My only complaint would be the company that follows you all around both doing the demolition and then repair work. They were going to charge us between 3-4000 to repair dry wall and tile, which I passed on after speaking to a contractor friend of mine who was able to connect me with workers who is getting the job done under 1000. This seems a bit shady.
from BDry Waterproofing on 3/3/2018
Sales and office staff were very easy to work with. And Uriah, the lead on the actual installation was very personable and extremely hard working. It was a pleasure dealing with each member of the BDry team.
from Baltimore on 2/28/2018
That it has a life time warranty and the person that came to the house was very good to explain the fix process. Also if I sell the house the warranty is carried forward to the new owner.
from Atlanta on 2/27/2018
They showed up promptly, worked diligently, explained everything and cleaned up afterwards
from Philadelphia on 2/27/2018
Basement is bone dry. The warranty is attached to the home. The salesperson didn't try to oversell.