BDry® Customer Reviews

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These are real reviews from real BDry® customers, really. All of these comments are from our “after the job” survey where we ask our customers to let us know how we did. We highly value our customers and their feedback, and we hope you do too. Please enjoy reading the real, un-edited feedback below from recent customers.

from Baltimore on 3/28/2017
The crew of Mike, Joel and Malcolm Jr. were absolutely super! From the very first moment they arrived and introduced themselves through the installation of the B-Dry system they were nothing short of amazing. They stayed on schedule and made sure the site was spotless upon completion. They truly made a project that we feared would be noisy, dusty and disruptive and made it a minor inconvenience while correcting a leaky basement that was a huge nuisance. I have zero concerns recommending these guys!
from Atlanta on 3/28/2017
Great guys, great product and guaranteed!
from BDry Waterproofing on 3/28/2017
Up front on cost and informative on what was included, the process of getting the job done. Workers acted in professional manner, Kept informed as work progressed . Job site left clean and neat Work done exactly as agreed, no hassles
from North Carolina on 3/28/2017
From beginning to end, the team was professional and listened to my family and my concerns, answered my questions, and they accommodated my schedule. The main concern was to take of our home. I am please with the work thus far and would recommend Michael Riley(Service Consultant), Zachary, Jeremiah, Brooks, and Al (installation team) to any person. Thank you guys!
from Atlanta on 3/26/2017
Did what they said they would do. The work perform was quick and cleaned up well.
from Knoxville on 3/23/2017
Professional from the quote till the installation truck rolled out of my driveway. Very impressive. Happy with the work they did as well.
from North Carolina on 3/22/2017
very professional, did a outstanding job, and thats not only my opinion but my HVAC guy went into the crawl space the next day to replace duct work and he said that it looked great. david conrad
from Atlanta on 3/22/2017
We had a good rain and had no water collect under our house ! Great job from a great team
from Knoxville on 3/22/2017
Quality at a reasonable price. Services performed by people who know what they are doing.
from Atlanta on 3/22/2017
The inspection and proposal process was very professional and understandable. The installation went extremely smoothly and on schedule. We haven't had significant rain since installation so to evaluate the performance of the system is not possible at this time.
from North Carolina on 3/15/2017
Basement is now as dry as a desert!
from Knoxville on 3/15/2017
Very friendly, knowledgable and excellent solution to my failing basement wall. Crew worked tirelessly and provided timely updates on work progress throughout the process. Unfortunately crew caused mess by failing to erect barrier to keep all the concrete dust from covering my entire basement, the personal belongings stored there and my new hardwood floors on the first level. Caused hours of cleanup on my part after they left. After talking with Holly at BDry I'm sure they will not overlook that detail in the future and I highly recommend them and will hire again in the summer to install sump pump and correct other drainage problems.
from Baltimore on 3/14/2017
The service was great and surprisingly affordable... I really have no complaints!
from Richmond on 3/14/2017
The true test of success will come when we get a hard and fast rain in a short period of time. I appreciate the fact that everything was cleaned up before they left.
from North Carolina on 3/7/2017
The blue vapor barrier & encasement. I feel now, that if someone offered me a million dollars, I could actually crawl through my crawl space.
from BDry Waterproofing on 3/7/2017
Best overall value for the money spent. The fact that you offer a warranty that stays with the property even after a sale.
from Atlanta on 3/7/2017
System and warranty.
from Atlanta on 3/7/2017
Excellent service, on time, no surprises.
from Knoxville on 3/7/2017
Excellent service. It was fast, minimally disruptive, and the system seems to work great.
from Birmingham on 3/6/2017
The crew (3 guys) who actually put the waterproofing system in my crawlspace were the very BEST. I hope B-Dry knows just how blessed they are to have these three guys working for them. Their work ethics showed just how committed they are to B-dry. So far very pleased with the system.
from Atlanta on 3/2/2017
The service was awesome
from North Carolina on 3/1/2017
Great team installed the product. Product is mostly hidden.
from Atlanta on 3/1/2017
Friendly and professional people who did a great job and cleaned up afterwards. Great job,
from North Carolina on 2/28/2017
Thanks for a job well done! The rep & crew were very helpful in explaining things to me, regardless of my numerous questions (thank you) and cleaned up nicely after project was finished,
from Knoxville on 2/28/2017
Please provide the torque and depth values of the piers emplaced.
from BDry Waterproofing on 2/24/2017
Clean up was great
from Atlanta on 2/22/2017
We were impressed with Mark McMichen's knowledge and understanding of our situation, and his willingness to talk about B-Dry's approach to waterproofing. We received appointment reminders and a courtesy call as the crew was en route on the morning of the first day. Matt's crew was very good, and they got right down to business and cleaned up the work area before leaving the first day. The second day they worked quickly and finished up, leaving the basement clean and neat. Matt explained the system, and answered all of our questions. We are now waiting for the cement to cure and the heavy rains to come to check it out. We are so relieved to have this work done, and we are looking forward to turning our former "black hole" into a livable space. We were very pleased with the pricing, the scheduling, and especially the work. I will definitely recommend B-Dry to anyone with a damp or flooded basement.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 2/22/2017
The crew arrived within the projected time frame, took care to keep the house clean and were able to complete the whole job in less than a day.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 2/21/2017
The B-Dry men arrived on time, they were courteous, the job site was prepped and cleaned up/ They explained what they were going to do and after the job was complete explained again what they did The B-Dry man who came to the house to assess the foundation was on time and courteous as well. Thank you
from Richmond on 2/21/2017
Work was done on time and professional team
from Knoxville on 2/21/2017
B-Dry was very responsive to our needs and requests. They worked with us to complete the job on time within our budget.
from North Carolina on 2/21/2017
The sales rep and technicians were knowledgeable and efficient. The project was completed by the techs as it was presented by the sales person and in a timely fashion.
from Knoxville on 2/14/2017
sales person was not pushy but very informative. job was done in a timely manner. guys were nice and knew what they were doing. other companies which i received quotes were sky high and includes extensive work that did not need to be done. what i call add=ons i trusted this company and i hope i wasnt wrong in doing so. they did do everything they said they would .
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 2/8/2017
Mt. Zion Haugh's Lutheran Church: Ours was a major project undertaking for a small country church who was seeking to remedy a perpetual water influx problem in our basement Fellowship Hall. It has been over 6 Months since the 3-Day B-Dry installation was completed and I am happy to report "Problem Solved" having now weathered numerous rainfall deluges this past Fall & Winter, that in the past had us contemplating plans to build an "Ark". Our selection of B-Dry was primarily based on the stellar professional services of Mr. Richard Voigt, B-Dry Commercial and Residential System Designer, who expertly and patiently guided us through numerous conceivable solution alternatives from an engineering viewpoint. In the end, we were offered a superior solution at a most fair and reasonable price, far exceeding other competitive solutions we had considered. The unrestricted B-Dry Lifetime Warranty (or your money back) made the B-Dry selection by our Congregation understandably easy. We highly recommend B-Dry as a premiere-proven solution to difficult waterproofing challenges. D.A. Parmerlee Church Council President January 2017
from Richmond on 2/7/2017
The complete service was wonderful......Looking forward to more work being done
from Richmond on 2/6/2017
Showed up on time, work was performed better than I imagined & your people were very courteous & professional
from Atlanta on 2/2/2017
The patient's everyone had. The scheduling person Holly, was absolutely great. Unfortunately we had a very complicated situation where we've had to postpone our installation for almost 2 months and be dry was awesome. I actually thought they were patient with me because I'd already paid for it. But that wasn't the case they were just very polite and accommodating because that's the type of company they are. I researched that half a dozen different encapsulation companies and hands down B-Dry had the best bang for the buck but the best customer service. I was absolutely flabbergasted and really appreciated everything about it. it's awesome.
from North Carolina on 2/1/2017
Very professional as usual.
from Baltimore on 2/1/2017
Rob Turner was great to work with. Good problem solver. Flexible. Clear. Staff were neat, on-time, and got the job done quickly
from BDry Waterproofing on 2/1/2017
From the initial visit with Paul to the instillation with Matt, Micheal and Thomas I was impressed by the professionalism and the courtesy of the B Dry team. I appreciated the way they answered my questions and interacted with me as a customer. I am pleased with the B Dry system installed in my crawl space.
from BDry Waterproofing on 1/31/2017
You did what you said you would do. It was done in a timely manner and your wotkers were very courteous and polite. Thanks for a great job.
from Metropolitan Washington, DC on 1/31/2017
The cost was very reasonable and much better than competition. Sales person was knowledgeable and arrived on time. Work crew arrived promptly as scheduled and they were professional and knew what they were doing. Job was completed quickly and with very little dust and debris. The sump and the sump pump were much better than what we had another contractor put in a number of years ago. It is easier to access, covers better, can accommodate a number of replacements if needed and has a much better discharge. 10 out of 10 on this one.