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by Esther C. from Tuscaloosa
The workers did a good job but I do have questions about what Larry was suppose to do. I would like to know what I paid him $900 for. He was suppose to get here at 8 and arrived after 9:00 and spent a lot of time on the phone because he was late for another job. I thought he was suppose to remove things from the room so the other workers could start work. He was in such a hurry he broke some of my dishes which he never apologize for nor did he offer to pay for or replace. These were dishes that belonged to my elderly mother who lives with me and they were on a shelf for safe keeping. I had mattresses which I asked him to help me moved from the room, that the workers were going to work in and put on my front porch so the VA could pick them up. He also did not help me with that. I applaud the workers for moving the mattress in which I only wanted them to help me but they were graciously enough moved them for me.
by Laura M. from Baltimore
The crew was very professional, and I was impressed with how well they cleaned up given the nature of the job. They definitely treated my home with care.
by Carlton M. from Garner
Professional, competent,and courteous from the sales representative to the job completion.

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"B-Dry, I went down to the same areas and they were dry. I never had to worry again.  B-Dry is here to solve your lower level water problems. That's what they do and they do it well. "


"I don't have to worry about selling the house anymore. It's  a very good situation.  I don't have to worry about the rain anymore.  Its a huge problem thats lifted off my shoulder."


 "He told me how they were going to place it and how that was going to fix the problem so I was okay with that. It was worth what it cost me to have that done because here again was peace of mind."