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by Dennis F. from
I could not be more pleased with my experience. The salesperson for the job came to my home , on time, on three different occasions before he sold me the job to make sure I was comfortable about going ahead with the job. He did not use high pressure sakes tactics. I opted for the internal drain system and the ultra air. The price I was given was competitive with other companies I checked, but I felt better about using BDRY because they are a national brand and seemed reputable. Thank God I chose them . Within days of signing the agreement , I was given financing arranged by BDRY with a third party financier. On the day of the job, the crew arrived on time and were completely professional. They completed most of the job in one day but came back to finish the next day because I requested some small changes to the job midstream. The ultra air was to be installed at a later date, however, nobody ever called to confirm due to a miscommunication , so to my surprise I came home one day and it was installed (my painter let them in). I was not happy with the installation (basically the unit was too big for my space). I know they did their best to make the unit fit but it was too sloppy looking for me. I called to complain on Friday night at 5 pm and was immediately patched to the job foreman. I gave him an earful. On Sunday I called them again because I was fuming all weekend. The office was closed. On Monday I was called by 8:30 am in a conference call with the owner of the company , the sale guy, job foreman , and product specialist. They listened patiently to my yelling and screaming. They agreed to take the unit out the next day, and pay for any damage incurred by the installation. Abd sure enough they did. They came the next day. The guys could not be any nicer and more professional. I could. It believe how well they handled the situation. Mistakes or miscommunications always arise. What sets apart a good company from a bad one is how u handle problems. These Guys were great. They paid for the repairs that day and took the unit out. Now I will order a smaller unit, through them because they are reliable and professional and men of their word. They are responsive to problems and not some fly by night rip off artists. Be assured , you are dealing with a real company and not a bunch of cowboys. I would recommend this company to anyone. It is rare u find a company that stands behind their work. They care. After all, the owner called me , not some guy in a call center. Oh yeah, the drain works too !
by Jacob C. from Lookout Mountain
The experience overall was average. I had very difficult time having my calls or emails returned. The crew that came to perform the service was very friendly.
by Shirley W. from Severn
I am very happy with the work that was done . I would recomend your company.

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"B-Dry, I went down to the same areas and they were dry. I never had to worry again.  B-Dry is here to solve your lower level water problems. That's what they do and they do it well. "


"I don't have to worry about selling the house anymore. It's  a very good situation.  I don't have to worry about the rain anymore.  Its a huge problem thats lifted off my shoulder."


 "He told me how they were going to place it and how that was going to fix the problem so I was okay with that. It was worth what it cost me to have that done because here again was peace of mind."