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B-Dry Customer Reviews

B-Dry Customer Reviews

Over 50 years of experience creating happy customers.

These are real reviews from real B-Dry customers, really. All of these comments are from our "after the job" survey where we ask our customers to let us know how we did. We highly value our customers and their feedback, and we hope you do too. Please enjoy reading the real, un-edited feedback below from recent customers.

Overall, B-Dry has a 5 rating.
Based on 276 reviews.
by John from Newport News on
Professional, thorough and pleasant to deal with.
by Julia from Woodstock on
On time, quick, clean, pleasant and organized. Hopefully, this rather major project is done forever and ever and will never be on my list of concerns again.
by Labeel from Stone Mountain on
Professional Crew, job done on time I am very satisfied and would definitively recommend.
by Rufus from Kennesaw on
Professional , clean, courteous, and prompt.. It really has not rained yet, but as far as the cost and the professionalism. A+
by Mike from Arnold on
The install crew were very polite and I don't think this is their fault because they seemed confused about the job and where not aware it was a crawl space. The liner they they used is very thin compared to other offerings and it was not sealed to the wall. We also where shown a white board that was too attached the drain pipe that was April not installed. I don't have time for games and expect to get what I agreed and paid for. The sales guy, did say he is coming back but I hate the fact the job was not done right the first time.
by Evan from Arlington on
Manuel and his crew were great to work with and did the job a bit faster than we expected. They prepped the areas with lots of plastic and other things to keep dust from getting where it shouldn't.

There was mis-communication about whether or not we needed an inspection before completion. The local crew didn't think one was needed but then after I prompted them to contact the office, they were told one was needed. Had we not caught that it could have caused big problems.

My only real issue is that the initial estimate was off. The estimate gave us a cost for half the basement (only finishing half) with an option to do the full basement. Yet the total length for the clearly labeled "full basement option" was short by 30 feet. I never checked the math because I relied on the "full basement" wording. This led to a tough decision right at the start and a $2,000 unexpected expense.
by Robert & Helene from Silver Spring on
I had an amazing experience with B-dry. Without a doubt, I would definitely use them again if need be.
by Sandy from Signal Mountain on
We were very pleased with the work B-Dry did with our crawlspace. The crew that did our job was very polite and professional. They were timely and very good about letting us know the progress of the job. Would definitely recommend them.
by Rod from Acworth on

Most impressed with quality of work and personnel. From the first visit with Mark through the project manager who oversaw the work, everyone we dealt with was professional and we felt like had our best interest in mind.
by LuAnne & Erv from Akron on
LuAnne & I wanted to let you know just how pleased with are with the work you and your crew accomplished here. Can not describe just how pleased we’ve been from the original estimate through and to completion of the job.

What we’re about to tell you we’re sure you already know. Your crew of Jed, Stephan & William make an excellent team. They clearly communicate and work well with each other as well as the customers. At all times they we’re very attentive to our needs and concerns. Most importantly, it was clear they’d stop and actually listen to any comments or questions we had before replying. Each of these gentlemen are very comfortable dealing with home owners.

At all times they were very courteous and respectful. Actually, to a point that is a very rare trait for many of us. Clearly they’re very skilled and efficient in their craft. They each were very knowledgeable and very capable of explaining what and why they were doing so that we could fully understand what they were doing and why.

Dan, this crew is especially courteous and caring. Clearly they personally and professionally take pride in the work they do. LuAnne and I have been unexpectedly surprised from the attitude and performance from start to finish. Our dealings with your office, your crew as well as you yourself have all been very positive. We’re glad we chose to do business with you!
by Laura from Cheverly on
I was pleased with the work that was performed in December 2014. I waited to rate the survey to ensure no water entering my home. I would recommend B-Dry to my friends.
by Kay from Springfield on
I wasn't really sure how to rate this... The salesman was fantastic: helpful, informative, willing to go the extra mile to make sure I understood what is happening, why, and how to fix it. A+

Scheduling was simple and easy and I appreciated how quickly they were able to come out. A

Where I'm not sure how to rate comes with installation because I have no other information to compare to. I was NOT present during 95% of the installation which may have affected this. From what I can tell, everything that I was told would be done was done. It's been 3 days and I waiting for the cement to dry (I don't know if this is normal drying time or not). I did appreciate that they (mostly) saved the paneling on my wall vice cutting the 2 feet as I was told would happen. The wall itself if pretty messy with dirt and cement cast-off, but again, maybe this is normal and expected, I just don't know. When I did see the guys installing they were friendly and as informative as I think would be expected. I had some concerns about the outlet since I had been told I would need a new one to handle just the sump pump, but then was told by the electrician it wasn't needed. I believe them, but again, without any experience and having first been told I needed it and then that I didn't, I'm really not all that comfortable. They did tell me if I wanted one all I needed to do was call, so that's partly my responsibility. B

I hope this review is helpful. I can say that I was very, very happy with the service provided and the lack of a final star is likely my ignorance with the function of the system, process, and overall comfort level that it is actually working. Time will tell. Thank you!
by Jeanette from Columbia on
I was very pleased with the service received. Butch and his assistant were polite, thorough and neat,. It appears that the problem has been resolved. However, the next hard rain or melting snow will be the true test of the work. Butch took the time to explain each form and answered my questions. They removed all trash.
by Melissa from Fairfax on
The work was completed as scheduled. Our salesperson, Aaron, neglected to include two different costs in the original proposal and we were contacted as the work was being performed that there were additional costs. This was very disappointing. One cost for $200+ was for cutting into existing paneling. Aaron repeatedly mentioned that the paneling would be cut along the bottom to facilitate the waterproofing process. He never mentioned the additional cost for the process and we refused to pay for it. The second cost, again approximately $200, was for additional piping outside since Aaron had not adequately measured to meet the needs of the sump pump piping. We found this to be unprofessional and again, disappointing to learn of the costs when we had no choice but to pay more for the service.

TheB-Dry employees working in the basement were professional and completed the job as proposed.

Due to the fact that we were nickle and dimed during the process, we are not comfortable recommending B-Dry at this time. We do believe the work performed was well done but the customer service is also an important factor.
by Cheryl from Fort Mill on
Crew was on time both days and did a quality job on my crawlspace. They were considerate and did a very neat and professional job. I appreciated that they were able to come out on New Years Day; this worked very well with my schedule. The foreman, Barry, was also very kind and professional and explained everything that had been done. He answered all of my questions and did not rush.

The consultant I worked with, Paul, was very patient and took his time to explain everything to me in a straight forward and professional way.
by Seth from Bethesda on
The crew was very professional and did a beautiful job.
by Alfred from Pleasantville on
I'm satisfied with the work .
by Judy from on
The crew was great and did their best to minimize the dust and mess. The company was responsive when a leak appeared.
by Neil from Kingsport on
Everyone we dealt with was a professional, responded to every question, and completed the job in a timely manner. Highly pleased with this experience.
by Jeff from on
I am very pleased with my new B-day system. The workers were very professional, friendly, and they did an excellent job. I highly recommend your company.
by Lisa from Bel Air on
i was very happy with the service. I appreciated Terry (the inspectors honesty )and professional manner. The guys who worked on the crawl space could not have been nicer. It was muddy and cold but they always had smiles. There was a little communication problem in the beginning but was quickly resolved and overall would recommend your company. Thank you!
by Richard from Loudon on
The salesman description of how they would drain the water and the crew that came with only shovels and hammers and said they had no way to bore out the drain so they chopped through the wall. We have not had a good rain so I don't know if the system is going to do the job or not.
by Gloria from Randallstown on
The people knew what they were looking for and found the problem. Very professional
by Barbara from Baltimore on
I was very impressed with all of the people involved with the job - from the estimator, the workmen and the office manager. The work was done quickly and the workmen really did a good job in cleaning up after themselves. Jeff Chance went over and beyond his duty to make sure I was satisfied with everything and I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED! I will have no trouble in the future recommending your firm to other people just like my neighbor did for me.
by Jonathon from Bethesda on
Arrived early as the call ahead stated. Quickly explained what would happen and how the job would be completed. Worked continually and got the job completed as they stated it would be. Walk me through what had been done, pointed out areas of interest and answered all questions I had. Overall happy with the work and the day after we had a lot of rain and notice no issues in our basement.

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