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B-Dry Customer Reviews

B-Dry Customer Reviews

Over 50 years of experience creating happy customers.

These are real reviews from real B-Dry customers, really. All of these comments are from our "after the job" survey where we ask our customers to let us know how we did. We highly value our customers and their feedback, and we hope you do too. Please enjoy reading the real, un-edited feedback below from recent customers.

Overall, B-Dry has a 4.5 rating.
Based on 56 reviews.
by Iris from Silver Spring on
Your staff is very professional. I would definitely recommend your company.
by Richard from Catonsville on
Thank you
by Steven from Rockville on
I would like Rich to call me for some follow up questions I have for him. Thank you.
by Harry from Fort Washington on
Your crew was here on time and explained the process to us again. They had the work done in one day. The basement was cleaned up perfectly. We were very impressed by the expertise and professionalism of your employees. Thanks again, Brenda
by Carolyn from Baltimore on
Overall experience was good...I would use B-Dry's services again and have no problem referring other customers.
by Mary from Richmond on
Fred was great to work with and the on-site team worked hard - hopefully it will do the job!!
by Scott from Knoxville on
Jeremy and his crew was great. He explained everything very well and did a neat job. I do have a comment however.....
The metal post were very long and they had to be cut off. I think that they were 10 foot and they had to cut about a foot or so off of them. There was no guide to make sure that the posts were cut off completely square to the pole. If the estimator would have measured the height of the room, he could have had these cut off at your warehouse/office and made sure that the post were cut squarely and not cut off in my yard. Also, I was told that the bottom of the post would have base plate on them and that they would be screwed into the concrete and they didn't do this. The posts are just setting on the concrete.
by Faye from Arlington on
I was very satisfied with Donnell and the entire team who came to my house on Aug. 29. They were very professional, informative and didn't mind me coming down to the basement every once in awhile to "sneak a peek". They took the time to explain what was going on. As for the warranty, maybe Richard explained it to me, but I did see on the literature that was mailed there is a lifetime guaranty. Thank you for that.
by Todd from Knoxville on
Thanks so much!
by Bonnie from East Windsor on
Manager of work team tried to start work without necessary permit and that caused some problems. Also, we were never given a pre-installation check list until the end of the job. Salesman was very helpful and professional, but we had to deal with too many different people throughout the job.
by Roy & Diane from Arbutus on
We are very satisfied with the work . I have already recommended my sister to have her basement done.
by Deborah from Oak Ridge on
Brad did an excellent job in providing the in-home briefing and explanation and helped us feel confident that we were making the right decision. Also, the installation team was very professional and courteous and kept us updated on where they were in their work, etc. Overall very good experience with the B-Dry team.
by Susanne from Washington on
The B-Dry team from DC which did the work on 8/22/2014 was excellent. The foreman was Miguel. All three members of the crew were efficient, polite, and careful- unlike the first crew they did everything neatly and with care, and did no damage. Thank you for sending this crew to do the second project.

The first crew, which did the first section on June 18th, were a disaster. They tore off and broke the four bottom steps on my basement steps, tore up paneling and molding unnecessarily, and wrecked part of my lawn by parking bags of cement and equipment on it. So far I have had to pay $700. to a carpenter to repair the damage they did, and $75.00 to reseed the lawn, and more work has to be done on the paneling.

When I called and spoke to a supervisor to complain the representative said "we are not carpenters." That is not the point - care in disassembling the steps and molding did not require carpenter skills, just taking care, an extra 15 minutes, and common sense. My next-door neighbor, who saw the damage, opted to use a different company to upgrade his system.
by Alfonzo from Gaithersburg on
Installation team did a poor job of cleaning up their mess they made in the basement. They spill wash detergent and left it on the floor. They also left cement dust and other small pieces of materials in the basement and on the stairway steps which I had to cleanup.
by Greta from Malvern on
Great service from beginning to end. Second time Bdry installed a system in a home I've owned and would not bother getting other quotes. Thank you!
by Harwood from Richmond on
Your first survey question is answered with this caveat: until the system stands the test of time, satisfaction is difficult, if not impossible, to judge. On the other hand, the installation went beautifully; noisily but beautifully. Your installation team is indeed excellent. The work went apace and, from all appearances, without sacrificing quality. Again, time will be final judge for the quality of their efforts. When mistakes or problems were brought to their attention, they were addressed and resolved to satisfy the customer.

The installation crew also deserve commendation for not missing a beat when their manager experienced a real health issue.
by Eddie from Snellville on
The B-Dry system was installed promptly by your installation team and they did a great job of being sure that everything was cleaned up when the job was finished. We're waiting to see how much our indoor air quality will improve.
by Emilo from Silver Spring on
Need better phone system , long waiting time and repeating message
by Evan & Coley from Greenville on
When the installation team was at our house, they damaged a window. It took a week to get someone to come look at it and get measurements for replacement. The window then had to be ordered and they said it will take 2-3 weeks. So now we are waiting for the window to come in so that it can be installed. I understand things happen, but the B-Dry team knew this was a time sensitive matter because we were listing our house the next day, so it was a little frustrating to wait a week before someone came to take a look at the hole in our wall. Hopefully this will be resolved soon so we can continue showings at the house.
by Ray from Lookout Mountain on
Wish the electrical would have been included in the installation. Otherwise, it would have been an A+ job
by Lisa from Pikesville on
There was a lack of communication among members of your staff. Part of my system was included in my contract, but omitted in the job as a result of poor communicated between the consultant and the project team. When I called to get the problem corrected it took about 3 weeks for a new appointment to be scheduled. I called the project manager who spoke to the operation manager, who called the consultant, who was supposed to call me and did not for several days. I finally called him and he said that he would tell the operations manager to schedule an appointment for the work to be completed. I never received the call from the scheduler. I called the consultant again who said he'd again speak to the manager. I finally got the call from the manager who scheduled the appointment which was verified by the scheduler. Two hours before the team was to arrive, the project manager called to say he would not be coming that day because he was not told about my appointment and he was working on another job and would come the next day. He did come and put in an extra pump and back up battery. I believe that the team did a good job from a "work" perspective, but time will tell. They left my house clean and the workmanship looks good. I am hoping that this resolves my basement leakage problem.
by Kathy from Pemberton on
The team that worked on my installation was polite and respected my home. The team cleaned up after each day and the amount of concrete dust was minimal. The finished job looks good and I hope that my basement will be dry when the rains come. We requested that one wall be redone as it was not as neatly done as the others. I do not think that working until 8:00 in the evening is good for your employees or for the home owner. Everyone gets tired and the quality of the workmanship suffers. The gentlemen that returned to fix the wall did so quickly and again cleaned up and they were back within several days of my request. There was no hassle about coming back and making sure I was satisfied with the final installation. So far I am very satisfied from start to finish with my B-Dry experience.
by James from Yonkers on
will I receive a written warenty from the company. I was advised by the workers and supervisor that this would be a one day job.
Six workers came to my home and by noon 4 left and the worked needed to be completed the next day.
by Bill from Athens on
Installation team was very efficient and explained what they were doing. Was impressed by how well they
protected everything before they started and cleaned up really well after completing the work. Would recommend
them to anyone. Inspector was very professional and explained everything well and answered all questions. Seemed
very knowledgable about his business.

Was impressed by all your personnel. Have had some less than great experiences with workers coming in to fix or
repair something, but your people were friendly and professional. Left everything in good shape when they left which
made my wife happy..

Service rep was very friendly and professional. She was helpful and kept in touch to be sure everything was set
up in a timely manner.

Overall a really good experience.
by Jim from Chattanooga on
Very well done job

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