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B-Dry Customer Reviews

B-Dry Customer Reviews

Over 50 years of experience creating happy customers.

These are real reviews from real B-Dry customers, really. All of these comments are from our "after the job" survey where we ask our customers to let us know how we did. We highly value our customers and their feedback, and we hope you do too. Please enjoy reading the real, un-edited feedback below from recent customers.

Overall, B-Dry has a 5 rating.
Based on 217 reviews.
by Teresa from Walland on
I didn't realize my sidewalk would have to be "cut" to put the drain pipe in...I had hoped it could be placed under the sidewalk. The workers were friendly, polite on time and their work appears to be well done. I will know more after this winter (rains).
by Marci & Scott from Rockville on
The work crew arrived promptly at the time scheduled. They were courteous and respectful to me and to the job site, and worked efficiently to get the job done.

Some issues arose toward the end of the job. The crew seemed in a hurry to leave the work site at the end of the job. The foreman pressed me to sign off on all paperwork before a final walk through was completed. The rigid sealer was properly installed, but left quite dirty, and I was told to clean it myself. The sales rep told me that an electrical outlet originally attached to the cinder block would be appropriately moved by the crew, but the crew left it dangling from the ceiling, and the foreman said he didn't have the tools to move it. B-Dry's electrician was still in the basement at that time and offered no solution. The digital monitor and the transmitter for the Blue Canyon system were simply handed to me without instruction of how they work or how I should adjust them. The crew simply wanted to leave the property. In their haste, they left a ladder in the yard. I immediately left a cell-phone message for the foreman that the ladder was in our yard, but it took nearly a week for them to come retrieve it.

Overall, I would recommend the product and the company, but the work crew could be more conscientious at the end of the day to see that the property is clean, all materials are picked up, and that the customer has adequate time to get any questions answered.
by Esther from Tuscaloosa on
The workers did a good job but I do have questions about what Larry was suppose to do. I would like to know what I paid him $900 for. He was suppose to get here at 8 and arrived after 9:00 and spent a lot of time on the phone because he was late for another job. I thought he was suppose to remove things from the room so the other workers could start work. He was in such a hurry he broke some of my dishes which he never apologize for nor did he offer to pay for or replace. These were dishes that belonged to my elderly mother who lives with me and they were on a shelf for safe keeping. I had mattresses which I asked him to help me moved from the room, that the workers were going to work in and put on my front porch so the VA could pick them up. He also did not help me with that. I applaud the workers for moving the mattress in which I only wanted them to help me but they were graciously enough moved them for me.
by Bruce from Birmingham on
The reason for the 2 star rating was due to the Salesman, Larry, not following through on his word. The B-Dry installation went well and on time. I would recommend their service if I had to do it again. The salesman I would not. It's almost a year later and he has not completed a job he committed to in the beginning.
by Laura from Baltimore on
The crew was very professional, and I was impressed with how well they cleaned up given the nature of the job. They definitely treated my home with care.
by Carlton from Garner on
Professional, competent,and courteous from the sales representative to the job completion.
by Jennifer from Bethesda on
So far, so good. Hopefully no more water issues but we wont know until the next heavy rain.
by Albert from Greeneville on
I waited to write any review until after a heavy rain and I'm happy to say we didn't have a drop of water under our house. Jeremy and his crew were excellent. They were courteous and fully surpassed our expectations of a finished product. Our only complaint was the pricing worksheet submitted by the sales rep (consultant) to the home office. The multiple changes and scratch outs led to confusion and caused a one day delay in completion. It also appears that a smaller pump was available which might have been less expensive. But our larger pump we purchased obviously works.
by Brigitte from Woodbridge on
My experience with B-Dry was excellent. Great customer service, timely and the pricing was fair. I would use B-Dry again.
by Charlotte from Madisonville on
The crew was very nice and had a great attitude.
by Joerg from Virginia Beach on
We were very pleased with the professional attitude and performance of the B-Dry crew.
by Anthony from Clinton on
The crew had a great attitude and seemed to enjoy and take pride in their work. The office staff was polite and very attentive. The job site was cleaner after than it was before they started.
by Howard from Abingdon on
The consultant was very good at explaining what was going to be done. The crew was very courteous and the foreman was very nice.
by Brad from Joppa on
The consultant was a pleasure to work with. The crew was hard working, a pleasure to talk to, and answered all of my questions.
by Michael from Baltimore on
Your workers are very professional and do good work.
by Scott from Baltimore on
The consultant was very friendly and courteous and the crew was outstanding!
by Beverly from Parkville on
The consultant was professional and pleasant. The work was completed in a day rather than two days. The crew foreman explained the job and polite. The crew also cleaned up what was required.
by Estelle from Parkville on
I was very pleased and impressed with my consultant. The work was completely quickly and efficiently.
by Elvira from Windsor Mill on
The consultant was very friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and open to questions. I was very pleased with the work, there were no surprises. Any changes were relayed and explained. The crew was professional, polite, and extremely hard workers. The office staff was extremely willing to assist with any issues. The after job clean-up made our job easier. My family was pleased with the job overall. Thank you!
by Anna from Baltimore on
The consultant was excellent, knowledgeable, answered all questions patiently, and presented the product understandably. The crew was very patient with this senior and nothing was left behind after the job was cleaned up.
by Benjamin from Baltimore on
Everyone was very nice and the worked turned out really good.
by Seth from Baltimore on
The consultant was knowledgeable and personable. He really inspired confidence. The office staff was efficient and responded quickly to all concerns. The crew kept cleaning up as they went along.
by Michelle from Finksburg on
The consultant was very good and did not try to oversell. The crew was excellent. They did not rush and made sure the job was done correctly. The foreman and his crew took time to explain everything and ensure all was done correct. The crew was very professional and very respectful of us and our home. They kept us up to date on all work being done. They cleaned up as much as can fit in the truck, but the foreman informed us someone would be back to pick up the rest within the week.
by Yvonne from Randallstown on
Thanks for the terrific job!
by Joseph from Baltimore on
Everyone on the crew was very professional and knowledgeable. They went well beyond my expectations.

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